Wow it has been a looooooong time since this blog has seen some action! New baby, new house and a crazy bananas wedding season, I suppose there were some distractions :) Anyway, I could not be more excited to share some of my favorite images from a recent collaboration with Carolina Style Magazine! I am so so proud with how this came out and I owe it all to the amazing team that absolutely killed it that day!!!   Styling: Brittany and Alden Model: Anna Hair and Makeup: Ashley Fisher Florals: Beth LeonGuerrero Dresses: Fabulous Frocks, Southern Protocol, Maddison Row and Gown Boutique of Charleston Jewelry: Peyton Wil ... Read the Post
I am fortunate enough to have a job that puts me in touch with a lot of crazy awesome / creative people that are a constant source of inspiration. This guy is definitely one of them! Stephen Wain of Wain Green Wood is just an overall solid dude, super easy going and one of those guys you meet, and within 10 minutes you wanna grab a beer or go fishing or something.. Oh, aaaaaaand he is also an insanely talented furniture designer! I had a blast bouncing around downtown Charleston with him a few months ago and watching how he turns the bones of old forgotten homes into works of art. So If you wanna be the biggest baller on the block with some h ... Read the Post